Rough waters ahead

The pool is going through some rough times due to current market conditions. We’re doing the best we can to adapt to this situation but for now profitability is low. An update should roll out later this week.

Thank you 197cVc2Y3Czdtd32JE2RmSGcvYfPcWJziB and others for your continuous support!

Exchange issue

We’re having a bit of a problem with some deposits that haven’t reached the exchange yet. Profitability is artificially inflated but not by much. Working on the problem, an update will be posted soon.

Update: Issues was fixed, rolled out the update, checking for stability.

Thanks for your support!

Mining Inertia (and I suspect other pools as well) have a mining inertia. This is due to the road a coin makes from your mining hardware to your pocket. In some cases it takes more in other cases less, but there will be a delay between the time you start mining and the time you cash in. And this delay can affect both your stats and the pool’s stats.

Mining Inertia can be a good thing or a bad thing depending when you start mining with a pool. To avoid it though the best thing would be to mine at least 24 hours constantly.

Less hash power but more time mining.

Thanks for your support!